Rather than waiting, we chose to start.

We are a small team, with big missions. Your help ensures that we focus on creating stuff, without looking for commercial projects.

The Meaning of Prachyam

Prāchyam (प्राच्यम्) means Eastern, with its roots in the Sanskrit word Prāchi meaning Early. Every day, the light of the Sun illuminates the Eastern world earlier (Prachi) than the West. Hence, the East was termed as Prāchyam in Sanksrit.

We as a team

We are a group of filmmakers, who wake up every day to make Indic identity a matter of pride for the masses out there! Prachyam uses the power of cinematic expression, and and storytelling to illuminate and further the India's glorious traditions and message. The brilliant philosophy and deep values of Bhārat always move us,  and that's what we express in our creations.

The Creative Philosophy

We are staunch believers in quality over quantity. Especially so in the Indian narrative context, because there is a lot of content being produced in pockets all around the internet, but very less portion of that is something that has repeat value. And that is the niche we strive to fill. The road to quality visuals is often littered with overtimes and slow turnarounds, but the results echo in eternity.

How has it been...

Since the time we started in 2020, Prachyam has driven impact by identifying and engaging with an international community of Indologists: leading scientists, educators, storytellers, conservationists, technologists, and many other changemakers who help us define some of the critical challenges of our time, drive new knowledge, advance new solutions, and inspire positive transformative change.

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