Sounds Of Kashi

Pt. Ravi Shankar Mishra, a Veteran of Indian Classical Dance, describes the beauty of Indian Classical Dance, especially the Banaras Gharana, and the devotion required to learn it.

Invasions on Bharat

From the prosperous and noble civilization of Bharat, to its eventual ravaging by Islamic conquests, this is the untold story of a 1400-year persecution of over 100 million Hindus. A multi-episode series on the history of invasions.

Eknath Ji: One Life- One Mission

Eknathji : One Life - One Mission is a story of a Man, motivated by the twin spirits of nationalism and spiritualism, and known for his great organisational abilities. Eknathji is the spirit behind Vivekananda Rock Memorial & Vivekananda Kendra.


Sponsor a Documentary

Wish that you could do more for the cause of Bharat? Wish a film or series could be exclusively made by your contributions? You can sponsor it, get featured in the credits and make an impact!

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