Real Hero of India's Freedom-Netaji Bose

We were taught that Mahatma Gandhi gave us freedom and that the Congress was the most prominent entity to have fought against the British. Is it really true? Watch this short film to know who else fought for our Motherland, and find for yourself!

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Who Gave Us Freedom? Gandhi, Nehru or Bose?

We Indians are taught till date that it was the Congress party which gave us freedom from British empire. But the truth is far from it. Congress was formed by a British man- A.O. Hume, after the First War of Independence (1857). Britishers supported the Congress party so that such armed rebellion will not happen again.

When the world was at war,Bose tried to seek help for an armed struggle from the Axis Forces. He formed the Indian National Army (INA). These were the Indian soldiers from British army who surrendered to the Axis forces. They attacked India from the east, and managed to reach Kohima and Imphal. But sadly due to lack of support and supplies they had to surrender. Thousands were captured and killed in action. 

In Europe, the Allied Forces won the war. The captured soldiers of INA were interrogated by the Britishers.The British empire was afraid of people's support for Bose. So they decided to put the INA soldiers on trial. The Red Fort Trials began in November 1945.The officers were charged with treason, abatement to murder and murder. This was done to teach Indian armed forces a lesson. However, it backfired and now there was much anger against British rule because of these trials. This made the people of India realize the hollowness of Congress's unarmed struggle.Furthermore, the Royal Indian Navy too, revolted against the British Raj.

Soon, the Britishers apprehended that staying further in India would only cause them more harm than any more profit. They now knew it was time to leave…by 1947, the transfer of power was completed, and the Congress and Gandhi got/took all the credit. All our INA heroes were ignored, rather, denied of their status as Freedom Fighters.

And Netaji, was confined in a gulag in the cold corners of Russia, after a series of political complications, never to return back to the very motherland he formed the army and fought for!  

This is a short film that takes you into the meandering history of lies, deceit and propaganda. The freedom we all enjoy today has cost us a lot. Numerous tales remain untold, but perhaps, this one is the most important of them.


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