Indian Mathematics

How the Ancient Indian Mathematics influenced the modern day maths and science that the West claims.


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1: Introduction

Chandrahaas Halai, author of “Vedic Mathematics, Inside Out” and “Meru Prastaar” teaches the contribution of ancient Indian mathematics to the world.

Origin of Chess

2: Origin of Chess

Rishi impressed a King with a game of war strategy( Chess), in return the king granted him a wish, he said, I have shown you a game which has a board with 64 squares, give me one grain of wheat on the first square, and start doubling on each square.

The Home of Calculus

3: The Home of Calculus

The first person to calculate infinite geometric calculations which is significant in integral calculus was an Indian mathematician. It is said and proven in geometry that the sum of infinite geometric series is one.


4: Combinatorics

In Ganit Sara Sangraha, Mahaviracharya said that Mathematics can be applied to cooking, Romance, architecture. Bhaskarachya in Lilavati has given a Sutra to calculate a number of permutations.

The Dance of Duality

5: The Dance of Duality

The backbone of modern digital technology is the Binary number system. Till now westerners used to credit Leibniz for creating the Binary number system. But it was Pingala Aharya who created the Binary number system 1700 years before Leibniz.

Who gave the Zero

6: Who gave the Zero

Acharya Pingala gave an algorithm for convergence of the Binary numbers system to the decimal system or what is now known as the radix convergence. In Chandashastra, Pingala mentions 0 at 4 places. And Pingala predates Aryabhatta by 500 years.

Virahanka Sankhya

7: Virahanka Sankhya

What is popularly known as Fibonacci Sequence is predated by Virahanka Sankhyas. Fibonacci wrote about it in his book Liber Abaci in 1202. But the Fibonacci numbers were first described in Pingala’s Chandashastra at least 1400 years before Fibonacci.

Modern Indian Genius

8: Modern Indian Genius

D. R. Kaprekar, a school teacher in Devlali, invented a mathematical formula to derive a constant number, 6174. He became world famous after a European mathematician published about his work. This is just one example of Modern Indian Genius.

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