KGB Conspiracy & Subversion of India | Abhaas Maldahiyar

Explore the historical roots of Dravidianism, Khalistan, and more with Aabhas Maldihyar in this enlightening interview."



In this intriguing interview, renowned author and scholar, Aabhas Maldihyar, unravels the historical roots of Dravidianism and Khalistan, shedding light on their evolution and the socio-political factors that shaped them. Discover the mobilisation of Moplahs, the role of communists in advocating for separatism, and delve into discussions about Mughal brutality, Maratha heroics, and Tipu Sultan's actions against Hindus. Join us for an insightful exploration of India's complex historical narratives.

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Aabhas Maldihyar, author and scholar, explores the origins of Dravidianism and Khalistan, the mobilisation of Moplahs, the role of Communists in advocating separatism, and discusses Mughals, Maratha rulers, and Tipu Sultan's actions.

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