Charudatta Aphale Teaches Kirtan Parampara

Discover the ancient Kirtan Parampara, India's oldest cultural tradition with Charudatta Aphale in the latest edition of Prachyam Indiclass.


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1: Introduction

Charudatta Aphale is a distinguished scholar known for his expertise in Indian cultural traditions with a special focus on the ancient Kirtan Parampara.

Origins of Kirtan Parampara

2: Origins of Kirtan Parampara

Delve into the world of Kirtan, uncovering its captivating history, tracing its origins and exploring its intricate details, providing deep insights into this sacred tradition.

Kirtan Across India

3: Kirtan Across India

Embark on a journey tracing Kirtan's passage across India, observing its evolution in narrations and its profound impact on society.

Union with Divine

4: Union with Divine

Discover the transformative power of a Kirtankar in positively shaping society and influencing mindsets through their spiritual teachings and inspirational messages.

Types of Kirtan

5: Types of Kirtan

Explore the different types of Kirtan, from classical renditions to contemporary adaptations, each contributing to India's rich cultural heritage and spiritual expression.

Varkari Kirtan

6: Varkari Kirtan

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Varkari Kirtan and its associated traditions, delving into its intricate rituals and spiritual significance.

Ramdasi Kirtan

7: Ramdasi Kirtan

Ramdasi Kirtan offers valuable life lessons drawn from the literature and experiences of Samarth Ramdas, providing insights into the complexities of existence.

Storytelling through Purva Rang and Uttar Rang

8: Storytelling through Purva Rang and Uttar Rang

Kirtankar narrates stories using "purvaranga" to set the scene and "uttararang" to delve into the main narrative, effectively engaging the audience in the storytelling.

The Rhythms of Rebellion

9: The Rhythms of Rebellion

In Rashtriya Kirtan, the focus is on narrating stories of national heroes and their bravery, aiming to instil a sense of pride among youth and inspire them to take actions that contribute to the nation's welfare.

The Art of Presentation

10: The Art of Presentation

The art of storytelling and presentation in Kirtan are vital for engaging the audience, making the spiritual messages more memorable.

Impact of Kirtan on Society

11: Impact of Kirtan on Society

Including contemporary subjects in Kirtan is important to attract youth by making the tradition more relevant to their lives, fostering their interest and involvement in the Kirtan Parampara.

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