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Uncover the life of the Man himself in Vinayak Damodar Savarkar with Uday Mahurkar in our latest Prachyam Indiclass episode.

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1: Introduction

In depth exploration of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar's beliefs, ideologies, contributions and experiences in this illuminating series of episodes with Uday Mahurkar

 Illuminating the path of a visionary

2: Illuminating the path of a visionary

Explore what Savarkar’s hindutva actually meant, why did he join Hindu Mahasabha. Why did he reject the offer of joining congress offered to him by Subhas Bose himself?

Early days of Savarkar

3: Early days of Savarkar

What was Mitra Mela turned out to be a larger organisation later renamed to Abhinav Bharat, which gave birth to a number of revolutionaries who played a pivotal part in their revolutionary activities.

The london days

4: The london days

Discover the actual reason as to why Savarkar went to London, was he there to just become a barrister, or did he have a bigger motive in his mind? What actually was the famous India House of London?

 Savarkar’s impact on Anant Kanhere

5: Savarkar’s impact on Anant Kanhere

Watch how Abhinav Bharat’s revolutionary Anant Kanhere and his colleagues assassinated the then collector of Nashik, Arthur Jackson.

Rekindling 1857

6: Rekindling 1857

Was Savarkar just a political figure, a revolutionary, or was there more to know about the man?

 Savarkar’s Arrest

7: Savarkar’s Arrest

Explore the narrative of Veer Savarkar’s infamous arrest at the Port of Marseilles. Was his arrest a just action done by the French authorities or did they do a major blunder?

 Mercy Petitions

8: Mercy Petitions

Why is Savarkar defamed in the current political scenario? Is the defamation just, or are people really left uneducated about his mercy petitions? Watch what his mercy petitions actually meant.

Savarkar behind the prison walls

9: Savarkar behind the prison walls

Discover the lesser known facts of Savarkar whilst his time in confinement at the infamous Cellular jail and what kind of activities he did while jailed, the kind of social activities he did like abolishing casteism, organising inter-caste dinners.

Savarkar’s vision for National Security

10: Savarkar’s vision for National Security

Uncover Savarkar’s plans for national security. What plans did he have for safeguarding the nation and the strategic wisdom he imparted. The man who always kept the nation first regardless of religious problems in the country.

Savarkar’s Hindutva

11: Savarkar’s Hindutva

Explore the reason why savarkar believed in Unapologetic Hindutva. The hindu manifesto in which he mentioned, in Free India, all religions and castes will enjoy equal benefits and equal rights in the country. Know what his hindutva actually meant.

 Savarkar’s and Hindu Mahasabha

12: Savarkar’s and Hindu Mahasabha

Dive into Savarkar’s journey of becoming the president of Hindu Mahasabha in 1939 after becoming free of all shackles of confinement.

 Why Savarkar asked Hindus to join British Army?

13: Why Savarkar asked Hindus to join British Army?

Why did Savarkar encourage the Hindu youth to join the army and serve in World War 2? Was he really helping the British Raj or did he have some other motive behind it?

 Echoes of Ideals: Cow

14: Echoes of Ideals: Cow

Explore the reason behind Savarkar’s statement to see cow’s only as animals and not as a worshipping idol.

Savarkar’s Involvement in Gandhi Murder

15: Savarkar’s Involvement in Gandhi Murder

Discover on why did Savarkar think that the principle of Gandhian Non-violence has damaged the country’s immune system. Watch the allegations of his part in the Gandhi Murder case and what kind of consequences it had on Savarkar.

 Savarkar’s on China & Pakistan

16: Savarkar’s on China & Pakistan

Watch how savarkar had reminded the nation to adopt the vision of his national policy and strategic importance, but failed to do so. Savarkar had suggested the idea of Bharat being a nuclear power in 1952 but was rejected by Nehru.

Savarkar's vision for India

17: Savarkar's vision for India

Savarkar had portrayed the idea of becoming a Vishwaguru in the shortest possible period. Is Bharat of present adopting his policy and vision of becoming a Vishwaguru in the current scenario?

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