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10 Indic Films are currently in Pre-Production. Expected release dates to fall in 2022. Initial shooting phases delayed due to COVID restrictions. Learn More
Prachyam's product line is now hosted on Rastantra. Follow them for amazing Indian Lifestyle and Curative products: Visit Website
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Poster of 10 Indic Films, with illustrations of Shree Krishna, Bhagwan Ram and Historical Images of India.
Reclaiming the narrative which was due to India has been our goal for long. We have embarked upon a year long project to dive deep in the ocean of Indology and bring forth the choicest of pearls, in a format cinematic enough for the thrill craving millenial generation, and informative enough for the enthusiasts of Indology.
Poster to show the concept behind Hindu-Western Calendar project of Prachyam

Hindu-Western Calendar

Table calendars for homes and offices entered our culture way back. But in the context of India, they came with a civilisational caveat. The Gregorian calendar disconnected people with a much more vibrant tradition of timekeeping. Prachyam's Hindu-Western Calendar aims to break the ice with a simple concept - Hindu details laid atop the common Western layout.
Poster for Indic Products, with traitional ethnic design vibes.

Indic Lifestyle Products

Cultural narrative often forms at the most subtle, micro-moment levels of people's lives. That's the reason public display of symbols ensures recurring reminders of ideas and concepts. Along the same lines, Prachyam is trying to create some adorable everyday products that are ripe with Indian aesthetics and values of colorfulness, ethnicity and nature love.


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For over an year, Prachyam has made dozens of short videos.  The love which people have shown towards our works has been nothing short of a blessing. That's what keeps us going every moment. Explore our journey and who knows you might make the leap too.

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