Production Update on 10 Indic Films | July 2021

July Production Update regarding the production of 10 Indic Films. The process has been delayed a bit due to the pandemic and its effects on the team members. We continue to push hard on the scripting phase, of all 10 films at once.

Namaste! Hope you are doing well in these turbulent times.

We now have an update to share regarding the 10 Indic Films! Our initial schedule got affected (pretty majorly) due to the second wave of the pandemic. Our entire team had to disperse off to their respective homes, and our recce trips were suspended. As a result, we had to revise and re-strategize our production and release plan for the 10 Indic films. We decided to continue the scripting phase itself for all ten films at once. We have been in constant contact with leading Indologists and have expanded our story ideas with the support of facts, figures, and rich perspectives.

Regarding the release, here are the new timelines. The releases are most likely to happen in early 2022. Instead of completing one film at a time, releasing it, and then taking up the next, we are in the process of producing all the 10 Films as a single 'Series.' We're still working on the distribution angle, but are committed to having an unforeseen level of quality in our Documentaries, no matter its a TV or YouTube distribution in the end. For all the well-wishers who have been messaging us lest they miss the release, here's what you need to know: The releases will be done only after an extensive promotional campaign of 2-3 months, so there's no chance you will miss it :D

But as of now, our commitment to premium quality, coupled with the delays due to the pandemic, has made us shift our production stages.

After we blazed past our fundraising goals in April, not a single day has passed when we have not found ourselves working on topics we are most passionate about, and being grateful to our kind backers, big and small, who took over the burden of operational expenses from us. With the films, we are working on something that has not been done before. And you have made that possible.

Lots of exciting things are planned for the YouTube channel as well. Make your friends and family subscribe to our social handles and amplify the Indic narrative.

Team Prachyam

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