Documentaries to take India's truth to masses

Prachyam is making ten documentaries to bring forth the complex debates on various Indic frontiers, in a succinct, immersive style.  The aim is to create a body of knowledge which is accessible to even the most disconnected viewer.


An year since we started Prachyam, the tremendous appreciation of the people of India had us our heads scratching - what's the next big thing that we can do for Indic narrative? And that's when this idea hit us. To create something that can be seen as a reference point of discussions.

But who would want to fund an off-beat, controversial, albeit cinematic, but yet heady film on stuff like Aryan Invasion Theory? You guess it right. No one. Hence, we went for the longshot, and logistically complex route - Crowdfunding. And perhaps that's how it was supposed to happen, because the results were purely magical.

"Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter"
An African Proverb

The Films

Aryans Never Invaded

The hoax Aryan Invasion Theory. and the murkier agendas behind it.

India's Gifts to World

The world would have been very different without India's generous contributions.

50000 years of indian antiquity

A journey into the deep antiquity of India through Archaeology & Astronomy

Dating the Mahabharat

Exploring the attempts to date Mahabharat - the last greatest civilisational event.

Dating the Ramayan

Retracing the footsteps of Bhagwan Ram's years, with data and tech.

Demystifying Aghora

Shining light upon the often misunderstood sciences of Tantra & Aghora

Indian Healing Sciences

India's holistic health sciences hold the key to global well being

Guru-Shishya Tradition

The ingenious education system which made Bharat the greatest civilisation

Sahebs Who Never Left

Decoding the neo-colonial agenda that haunts India and its stability

Reclaiming India

What makes India different? New perspectives, far from the dichotomy of ideologies

The People

Dr. Anand Ranganathan

Microbiologist, TV Panelist

"The toughest task it to counter the colonial lies that have been internalized by the youth of this country. Prachyam's 10 films can be a groundbreaking step in that direction."

Shefali Vaidya

Author & Political Analyst

"We talk a lot about having an ecosystem. But to have it, we need content creators, filmmakers and bloggers. Prachyam is one such amazing team of Filmmakers."

more about the project

The project will be executed over the length of 2021, most probably upto the mid of 2022. We are trying to create something which will be in a league of its own, within the paradigm of Indology. A team of animators, writers, filmmakers and subject matter experts have already begun shaping the 10 films.

Through a popular culture where ‘Hollywood’ standards of filmmaking class and style are associated with authenticity and social validity, well-produced lies about India and its millennia old culture, have reached the unsuspecting youth as truth.

On the other side, a fusion of awesome filmmaking and scientific research is absent in the Indic space. With these ten films, we aim to start filling this gap.


Indic Academy conducts researches, publishes monographs and books, designs courses, organises events and supports Indologists with the overarching goal of fostering Indic Renaissance.

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The Saraswati Sangam Project is a center of excellence dedicated to advancing and supporting research and dissemination of scientific inquiry grounded in Vedic Knowledge.

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Rudraksh Shekhar
Harishanker Kannan
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Pradeep Bansal
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Sameer Taylor
Piyush Pratik Das
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Aravind Murarishetty
Prashant Gadepalli
Hari Bogabathina
Ramesh Agumamidi
Sujan Narasimhadevara
Prasad Padavala
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Praful Venugopal
Avinash Karpe
Dr. Nilesh Panchal & Nisha Panchal
Suryanarayana Balanakoppa