Hindu Lunar Calendar in a Western Layout

In our attempts to bridge the gap between our present times and the immense treasures of ancient India, this calendar is a step forward. The concept brings the Hindu calendar in an accessible, beautiful Gregorian layout, the one that we always use.

The Concept

Nothing can seem more irrelevant to the 21st century Indian than to wreck his brains into the complex lunar calendar system of old days. What's the point right? Well, what if you discover that knowing it is as good and cool as if you were an advanced astronomy buff. The sheer genius and tactile feeling of knowing the Hindu calendar will enrich your experience of looking at the night sky. It directly connects you to an ancient system of reckoning one's place, time and date using nothing else but just the sky. How cool would be that?

Hence we thought to create a hybrid calendar, which gives us the comfortable space of the typical gregorian calendar (named after 'Pope' Gregory), and then supplies the dates with their Hindu Lunar counterparts.

excerpt of a traditional Panchang
Excerpt from a typical Panchang

Nilesh Oak

Archaeoastronomer, Indic Researcher

"The idea is simple, yet effective. Prachyam has broken the ice. Now, there is less excuse to say that its just too hard. I would say.. try it and feel the wonders of ancient Indian knowledge yourself. Kudos to the team..."

The 4-5 most essential data points of the Lunar system, i.e., the Vaar, Tithi, Paksh, Nakshatra and Masa have been meticulously copied from a respected Panchang and overlaid on the gregorian dates.

We belive this calendar, apart from being cool, sleek and reminder of an ancient tradition, is a practical onboarding tool for those who would like to know the Hindu calendar system, but have always found it hard to comprehend or reckon.

Features of the Prachyam Calendar

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A physical copy of this calendar can be purchased from Rastantra. We are thankful for them to invest and print physical copies of our calendar.

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