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A culture persists and flourishes only when its ethos come out of philosophy and enter the everyday life of common people. Western aesthetic has permeated society extensively, resulting in extinction of things Indian. Through our products initiative, we bring the change.

Collection of Rastantra decor products based on Indian Themes.

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the concept

Perhaps the most visible and subtle expressions of Indian culture and antiquity lie in the simple Indian aesthetic-bright, colorful, happy and reminder of deep antiquity. So we began exploring some everyday items that can be altered and designed in a way to give more Indic vibes.

This led us to very interesting encounters with craftsmen who make adorable handmade products and were more than happy to associate with us and reach out to an international market. The icing over the cake was Prachyam team's inputs on the design style and overall feel of the product. Over the past one year, we ended up developing a lot of small-big collectibles and household items which, as the customers say, are perfect additions to every Bharatiya's home.

Rastantra Notebooks based on Kashi concept
Notebooks based on Varanasi Theme
Photo frame doubles as wall mount with a shloka
Boxes are re-usable as Shloka Frames on Walls
Wooden handcrafted figurine of Kamdhenu, the divine cow
Handcrafted Wooden Kamdhenu Figurine

our ecommerce partners

The initial Prachyam products were hosted on our own website, which we tried to run as an Ecommerce store. After 10-12 months of handling the operations, we decided to rather partner with our close friends who are working on a similar idea - Rastantra.

The logistics and pressure of running an ecommerce store is something we have let go now, to focus solely on creating intellectual assets for Indic Renaissance.

Hence, you will find all our past and future products ideas, in their fully executed, purchasable forms, on Rastantra's website.

Gold plated metallic sticker of the Om syllable
A gold-plated metallic Om sticker for all phone covers

explore the collections: