Colonial Mindset & Subversion

Ayse Zarakol delves into East-West dynamics, exploring Orientalism and the role of elites in nation-building.



Ayse Zarakol is a distinguished academic and Professor at the University of Cambridge, renowned for her expertise in International Relations. As a prolific author, she has significantly contributed to the field with works such as "After Defeat: How the East Learned to Live with the West" and "Before the West: The Rise and Fall of Eastern World Orders." Professor Zarakol's research delves into the intersection of historical sociology and International Relations, with a keen focus on East-West relations in the international system. Her scholarship also encompasses the history and future of world orders, conceptualizations of modernity and sovereignty, rising and declining powers, and Turkish politics in a comparative perspective. With a wealth of knowledge and a diverse range of research interests, Professor Ayse Zarakol continues to shape the discourse on international affairs and historical sociology.

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In her nuanced exploration, Professor Ayse Zarakol delves into the intricacies of Orientalism and the persistent sense of inferiority in East-West interactions. Focusing on the role of elites in nation-building, her analysis extends to post-independence India, unraveling how its elites have forged unique paths. Zarakol scrutinizes the complex interplay between indigenous identities and the post-independence quest for homogeneity, providing a compelling narrative on the evolution of national identity. The confluence of nation-building with historical teachings, global orientation, and educational frameworks emerges as a central theme, offering a rich and thought-provoking perspective on the shaping of contemporary societies.

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