Why Congress Hates Veer Savarkar

Uday Mahurkar discusses Savarkar's belief in putting the nation's interests before anything else. It's about promoting unity, patriotism, and working together for the country's progress and well-being.



Uday Mahurkar elucidates Savarkar's "nation first" principle, advocating for prioritizing India's interests. He also discusses Savarkar's foresight of India as a nuclear power. Furthermore, Mahurkar examines the animosity of leftists towards Savarkar, possibly due to ideological differences and Savarkar's stance on nationalism. This exploration sheds light on both Savarkar's visionary ideas and the complexities of political perspectives in India.

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Uday Mahurkar, an Indian author and journalist known for his work in rectifying distorted historical narratives, explores Savarkar's strategies for national security. Savarkar prioritized the nation's interests over religious tensions, emphasizing unity. His strategic vision encompassed foreign diplomacy and relations, aiming to bolster India's position on the global stage. Mahurkar also sheds light on why communist and leftist factions frequently malign Savarkar, highlighting ideological clashes and differing perspectives on nationalism. Through his analysis, Mahurkar offers insight into Savarkar's enduring legacy and the complexities of Indian political discourse.

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