Light of Lights-King Janaka's Spiritual Awakening with Yajnavalkya | By Varsha Sarda

"Light of Lights" unveils King Janaka's spiritual odyssey with sage Yajnavalkya. Dive into profound dialogues exploring self, consciousness, and enlightenment's eternal light.



 "Light of Lights: King Janaka's Spiritual Awakening with Yajnavalkya" illuminates the profound journey of King Janaka, a royal sage, and his spiritual mentor, Yajnavalkya. In this enlightening narrative, witness King Janaka's quest for ultimate truth and his transformative conversations with Yajnavalkya, delving deep into the nature of the self, consciousness, and the eternal light of enlightenment.

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The story of "Light of Lights" is drawn from the ancient Indian scriptures and is primarily found in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, one of the oldest and most significant Upanishads in Hindu philosophy.

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