The Glory of Kashi & Gyanvapi

Rana P.B. Singh provides a comprehensive exploration of Kashi's architectural and religious landmarks and unravels their historical significance and spiritual symbolism.



Rana P.B. Singh delves into the geographical and cultural heritage of Kashi, shedding light on its folklore and spiritual essence. He explores the deep-rooted connection between the city and Lord Shiva, unraveling stories about the 64 yoginis and Lord Ganesha and how these tales intertwine with the fabric of Kashi. Singh also discusses the concept of Ishwar (the Divine) and its significance, providing illustrative examples. Furthermore, he elaborates on the significance of Kashi Vishwanath and other temples within the city.

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Rana P.B. Singh is a professor at Banaras Hindu University, specializing in Cultural Geography and Heritage Studies. He has extensively published on various topics such as geographical thought, sacred geography, pilgrimage studies and heritage planning in India. His body of work comprises 35 books and anthologies along with over 180 research papers. Singh has shared his expertise through lectures worldwide, covering these important themes. Over the past four decades, he has dedicated himself to studying, documenting and conserving cultural and sacred landscapes, religious sites, rituals, and heritage sites in northern India. 

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