Ruchir Sharma on Mental Colonialism, Bureaucracy & Subversion of India

Ruchir Sharma analyzes post-colonial India, critiquing the Westminster system's failures. He explores India's diverse decolonization strategies and evaluates the success and challenges within its political system.



Ruchir Sharma discusses the aftermath of colonialism in India, highlighting the shortcomings of the Westminster system in the country. He delves into the various methods of decolonization, exploring how the Indian political system navigated this process, both succeeding and facing challenges along the way. Sharma also sheds light on the historical development of the Indian constitution, providing insights into the workings of the Constituent Assembly during its formation. Moreover, he dissects the Government of India Act 1935, unravelling its historical background and assessing its impact on the nation. Additionally, Sharma takes a closer look at neocolonialism, examining its implications in the Indian context. In his exploration, he offers a nuanced perspective on where the Indian political system has faltered and succeeded, proposing potential paths forward.

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Ruchir Sharma is well-versed in International Affairs and serves as a commentator in the media. He has been quoted in reputable publications such as the New York Times and has contributed to platforms like Huffington Post, FirstPost, Swarajya, and Russia Insider. His expertise lies in areas such as BRICS, European politics, and international terrorism.

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