Awadh Mein Ram Aaye Hain

Celebrate the historic moment as Shri Ram's Pran Pratishtha marks the culmination of a 500-year journey in Ayodhya. Joy, devotion, and unity shine in this Prachyam tribute.


Witness the fulfilment of a dream that spans centuries! On January 22, 2024, Hindus around the world rejoice as Prachyam presents an official video marking the auspicious occasion of Shri Ram's Pran Pratishtha! 


This powerful video takes you on a journey through the past and present of Ayodhya, showcasing the tireless efforts and 500 years of struggle that have led to the construction of the magnificent Ram Mandir. Set to the melodious tune of "Ram Aayenge" by Jubin Nautiyal, the video captures the sheer happiness and devotion radiating from the faces of millions of Hindus across the globe. It's a celebration of faith, resilience, and the triumphant realisation of a dream cherished by billions. Join us in this momentous tribute to Lord Ram and the spirit of unity among Hindus worldwide.

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