Impact of a Guru | Prof. Balram Singh

"Discover education's shift to a business with Prof. Balram Singh. Learn about its historical context, the shift from motivation to management, and the Guru Shishya Parampara in this insightful interview."



Prepare for an eye-opening interview with Prof. Balram Singh, Director at the Institute of Advanced Sciences in Massachusetts, USA. Join us as he delves into the transformation of education into a business, highlighting the detrimental effects of this shift. Prof. Singh takes us on a journey through the historical context, explaining that while Macaulay's influence may have waned, the acceleration of this trend continues. Explore the consequences of a system that prioritises management over motivation, affecting not only education but also politics and economics. Prof. Singh emphasises the importance of the Guru Shishya Parampara, a traditional mentor-disciple relationship that requires time, motivation, and encouragement from parents and families, a stark contrast to the present landscape. This interview offers profound insights into the evolving educational and societal dynamics. 

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Prof. Balram Singh brings a unique perspective to the interview as a director at the Institute of Advanced Sciences in Massachusetts. His expertise in both education and sciences allows for a comprehensive analysis of the issues surrounding the transformation of education into a business. He offers valuable insights into how the current educational system impacts not only students but also society at large.

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