Dr. Bharat Gupt on Murti Pooja

Murti Pooja, the element that is inseparable from Sanatan Dharma. Dr. Bharat Gupt explains the importance of Murti Pooja and the British strategy to separate Murti Pooja and Sanatana Dharma to subjugate Bharat.



Is Kabir the lone example of medieval intolerance? Let's explore the significance of Murti Pooja or Saguna Upasana with Dr. Bharat Gupt.

During British rule in India, deep divisions emerged in Indian society. The British not only reinforced caste divisions but also fostered divisions within Hindu Dharma based on methods of worship.

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Dr. Bharat Gupt explains how Murti Pooja is an essential part of Hindu Dharma and how the British tried to destroy Sanatan Dharma by attacking Hinduism.

The idea of Murti Pooja is neither new nor unique to India. Across civilizations, throughout history, Murti Pooja was the norm. This started changing rapidly with the emergence and spread of Abrahamic religions. In these religions, Murti Pooja or Saguna Upasana was strictly prohibited. Wherever these religions went and conquered they destroyed the Murti’s and forbade Murti Pooja. All the ancient civilizations which faced Abrahamic religions failed to resist, only one succeeded, that was the Sanatan Dharma in Bharat.


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