Kanyakumari (By Aam Yatri)

Kanyakumari video that depicts how to travel to and within Kanyakumari.



Aam Yatri has made a video on Kanyakumari. The southernmost city of Bharat, which is not only a tourist destination but also holds cultural and spiritual significance in our history. The video perfectly guides you on how to travel to Kanyakumari and within the city as well.

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Kanyakumari, the southernmost city of Bharat. It holds religious, spiritual and cultural significance in our history. ‘Aam Yatri’ has shown through this video how to travel to Kanyakumari and where to travel in Kanyakumari. He also shows how much it will cost to roam around in Kanyakumari. It guides a traveller perfectly about Kanyakumari.


Kanyakumari, a city with immense historical, cultural, and spiritual importance.

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