Kashi ke Wasi

Kashi Ke Wasi is a short film about the history of Kashi and an amalgamation of some interviews of local residents and scholars.


Kashi Ke Wasi is a short film that speaks about the City of Kashi. It talks about the history of Kashi, the people of Kashi and the plight of that city due to poor planning and corruption. Kashi is filled with history, culture, religion and tradition, yet the lifeline of Kashi that is River Ganga or Maa Ganga is dirty because of sewage water being released in the river.

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Kashi ke Wasi is a documentary that talks about Kashi and allows the people of Kashi to talk about themselves and their problems. It describes the beauty and heritage of the city as well as talks about the issues of the modern day city.


Team Moonlight 

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