Madhava | Kerala's Mathematical Genius

Journey to Kerala with Prof. V. P. N. Nampoori to uncover Madhava’s groundbreaking contributions to mathematics and astronomy, long before Newton and Copernicus arrived.



Madhava of Sangamagrama offers viewers a profound glimpse into the life and work of Madhava of Sangamagrāma, who laid the foundations for the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics. This film, featuring an interview with Prof. V. P. N. Nampoori, transports us to the historical landscapes of central Kerala, where Madhava once observed the heavens and devised his theories. Through visually striking scenes captured at Madhava's home and temple near Irinjalakuda town, the documentary highlights his revolutionary use of infinite series approximations in trigonometry and calculus. Viewers will discover how Madhava’s intellectual pursuits transcended his time, influencing modern science profoundly.

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