Mango Tree-A Tale of Travellers and the Abandoned Mango Tree | By Varsha Sarda

Join Dr. Varsha Sarda as she shares the heartwarming tale of travelers and an abandoned mango tree, a story of compassion and the timeless bond between humans and nature.


In a captivating narrative storytelling session led by Dr. Varsha Sarda, the enchanting tale of "Mango Tree: A Tale of Travelers and the Abandoned Mango Tree" comes to life. This story unfolds within the context of travellers encountering an abandoned mango tree, revealing the profound connection between humans and nature. Join us on this delightful journey as we explore the travellers' interactions with the tree, discovering timeless lessons about compassion, rejuvenation, and the enduring bond between mankind and the natural world.

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This narrative serves as a symbolic representation of the reciprocity between humans and nature. It underscores the idea that when we show compassion and care for the environment, it, in turn, provides us with abundance and sustenance. It's a timeless reminder of our responsibility to nurture and protect the natural world, which, in many ways, sustains our own existence.

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