Real Evidence of Ancient Ayodhya | Meenakshi Jain

Meenakshi Jain's interview uncovers Ayodhya's historical evidence, inspired by leftist critics, laments missed resolutions, delves into Babur's role, and explores Indian temple significance.



In a revealing interview, eminent historian Meenakshi Jain discusses the historical evidence and inspiration behind her work on the Ayodhya Ram Mandir issue. She wittingly expresses gratitude to leftist historians, reflects on the missed opportunities for resolution, and highlights the role of influential figures in shaping the dispute's violent turn. Jain's insights provide a comprehensive understanding of this complex historical issue and its impact on contemporary events.

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Her perspective on the role of leftist historians and influential figures in shaping the narrative of the Ayodhya dispute offers a unique viewpoint on the social and political dimensions of this contentious issue.

As a respected historian, her work continues to be a valuable resource for scholars, policymakers, and the general public interested in understanding the historical and cultural aspects of India.

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