My Guru Mahesh Yogi | Michael Sternfeld

"Unlock the power of meditation and consciousness with Michael Sternfeld, Executive Producer at Global Peace Initiative. From The Beatles to personal transformation, explore the link between awareness, knowledge, and inner connection."



Discover the transforming potential of meditation and consciousness in this fascinating conversation with Global Peace Initiative Executive Producer Michael Sternfeld. Michael talks about his own experience of seeing The Beatles in person with Maharishi and Yogis in Rishikesh when he was a teenager. This was a seminal event that led to the American meditation movement. Find out how his introduction to meditation resulted in a significant departure from a drug- and party-filled existence. Learn about the significant relationship that exists between awareness and knowledge, as well as the part that consciousness plays in education. In today's hectic society, Michael stresses the significance of reestablishing our inner connection with ourselves. An in-depth look at the possibility of inner transformation by self-awareness and meditation is provided in this conversation.

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Michael's dedication to meditation and its profound effects on his life motivated him to contribute to the American meditation movement. He witnessed how the practice of meditation had a significant impact on individuals, helping them shift away from destructive habits like drug and alcohol use, and steering them towards a more conscious and fulfilling existence.

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