Naam Ramayan- | By Eesha Sohoni

Experience the essence of the Ramayana with Eesha Sohoni's Naam Ramayana rendition, focusing on Shri Rama's divine name for inspiration and blessings.



Eesha Sohoni's rendition of Naam Ramayan presents a devotional hymn that beautifully encapsulates the entire epic of Ramayan, with a primary focus on the divine name of Shri Rama. Through concise verses, it retells key events and characters from the Ramayana, providing a musical and spiritually enriching journey into Shri Rama's life and adventures..This rendition brings to life the profound significance of the Ramayana, reminding us of the timeless devotion and spiritual depth associated with Shri Rama's name and his epic tale.

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Naam Ramayan is a condensed devotional rendition of the Ramayan, one of the most revered Hindu epics. It succinctly retells the epic's key events and characters, emphasising the divine name of Shri Rama.

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