Hindu Resistance through Ages | Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Omendra Ratnu exposes distortion of history: 1568 massacre of 40,000 Hindus by Akbar, contrasting with his "Great" title in schools. Calls for intellectual revival and authenticity.



In an interview with Omendra Ratnu, a researcher and author, he exposes a historical atrocity from February 25, 1568, where 40,000 innocent Hindus were brutally massacred by Emperor Akbar. Ratnu questions the portrayal of Akbar as "The Great" in Indian schools, highlighting how this distortion of history perpetuates misperceptions. He underscores the responsibility of urban Hindus in perpetuating such narratives and laments the decline in intellectual engagement and critical thinking in society. Ratnu's insights shed light on the manipulation of consciousness and the erosion of genuine societal values, urging for a return to intellectual vigor and authenticity in perspective.

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Omendra Ratnu's research and writings delve into various aspects of Indian history and civilization, focusing on the need for accurate portrayal and understanding of historical events. His efforts aim to challenge misconceptions and promote critical thinking, particularly in the realm of education. Through his work, he advocates for a more balanced and factual representation of historical figures and events.

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