Origins of Vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how crucial vaccines are for our survival.


The story of vaccines is not a new one. The smallpox vaccine is often attributed to Edward Jenner, who discovered it in 1796. But did you know that the process of inoculation, or "Teeka" in India, was already happening centuries before that? Ancient Indian medical science had discovered vaccines at least a thousand years before the West discovered it. We find evidence of the same in ancient Indian Sanhita. Do know more, watch this short video.

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The Vaccine which has saved so many lives of so many people around the world are often credited to the Western scientists and doctors. But the fact is, the Origins of vaccines can be found in India since C.E. 800 at least. The video shows the truth about the origins of vaccines and who created them.


Team Prachyam
Director: Praveen Chaturvedi 
Writer: Kshitiz Rai

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