British Conspiracies & Guru Shishya Parampara | Pt. Satish Sharma

"Dive into an enlightening interview with scholar Pt. Satish K Sharma, revealing British efforts to undermine India. Explore the origins of an anti-Hindu campaign and its lasting impact."



Get ready for a thought-provoking interview with renowned scholar and international speaker Pt. Satish K Sharma. Join us as he explores the British policy of sending missionaries and the church to undermine the fundamental foundations of India and its civilization, as he unravels an important chapter in history. Pt. Sharma reveals the shocking story that surfaced, portraying Hindus as evil, holding fast to a strict caste structure, killing female infants, and supporting widow immolation. Learn about the beginnings of William Wilberforce's first anti-Hindu hate campaign, which had the support of the church. This conversation provides an in-depth examination of perception manipulation and its long-lasting effects on Indian society.

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Gain insights into the disheartening portrayal of Hindus and the origins of the early anti-Hindu campaign led by William Wilberforce with church support, shedding light on the enduring effects of perception manipulation. Join us for a deep dive into this significant aspect of history.

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