Scientific Dating of Ramayan | Nilesh Oak

Nilesh Oak analyzes the impact of religious fanaticism on India's ancient structures, critiquing how left-leaning historians downplayed it in education.



Nilesh Oak critically assesses the impact of religious fanaticism on India's ancient civil structures and how left-leaning historians sought to downplay this fanaticism through education. He also discusses how Western countries promote their grand narrative and enforce its adoption globally. Oak highlights India's efforts in crafting its own narrative to counter this influence, emphasizing why Indian society is deemed one of the world's greatest.

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Nilesh Oak has degrees in Chemical Engineering (BS & MS) and an Executive MBA. He holds a keen interest in diverse fields such as Astronomy, Archaeology, Geology, Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Economics, Ancient Narratives, and Philosophy. Oak is also an author, having published two books titled "When did the Mahabharata War Happen?: The Mystery of Arundhati" and "The Historic Rama – Indian Civilization at the end of Pleistocene."

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