Saheb who never left - 2

The History of India is full of brave resistance and sacrifices to protect the land of Dharma, but then why did we fall? We didn't lose to invaders. We lost to the Sahebs among us.



The must watch documentary of 2023 is here! Sahebs 2 is the much awaited sequel of Sahebs Who Never Left. The first part exposed the ideological subversion that caused deep extensive and prolonged colonisation of Bharat. 

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Sahebs 2 exposes the unthinkable covert colonisation of Bharat post independence. It throws light on the lesser-discussed aspects of cultural, academic, historical, and even dietary colonisation.

Watch this, to understand how every aspect of our civilisation was colonised bit by bit. Only then can we start the process of decolonising our minds.


Director: Praveen Chaturvedi 
Writer: Kshitiz Rai
Producer: Abhishek Singh
Editors: Kshitiz Rai, Deshraj Singh, Varun Singh
Cinematography: Atul Dubey, Abhishek Singh
Motion Graphics: Rakesh, Varun Singh

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