On Guru Shishya Parampara | Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh

Explore ancient India's spiritual education with Dr. R. Ganesh, delving into Guru-Shishya bonds and comparing them to modern fee-based schooling in this insightful interview.



Prepare for an insightful interview with Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh, a scholar and poet of Sanskrit. As he reveals the underlying meanings of the terms "Guru" and "Shishya," we explore the profound ideas that lie behind them in this talk. Learn about the historical Gurukula system, in which the Guru and the Shishya coexisted and shared knowledge, spirituality, and wisdom. Examine the spiritual side of education in ancient India, when acquiring knowledge was a holy path apart from pursuing material prosperity. Dr. Ganesh clarifies the Guru Dakshina tradition by drawing a comparison with the current educational environment, in which upfront fees are now commonplace. In this fascinating interview, get ready to go through the spiritual legacy of education.

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Renowned poet and Sanskrit scholar Dr. R. Ganesh is well-known for his outstanding contributions to Sanskrit literature and culture. He is well known for his mastery of Shatavadhani, a rare and remarkable art form that entails the simultaneous demonstration of unmatched memory and language skills, puzzle solving, and the spontaneous creation of poetry.

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