Dushyant Kumar The Rebel Poet

Explore the literary heritage of Dushyant Kumar Tyagi, who’s “Saaye mein Dhoop” and “Mann ke Kon” inspired thousands of youth and became a symbol of resistance during Bharat’s political instability that plunged the nation into total darkness.



The film explores the life of rebel poet Dushyant Kumar Tyagi in contemporary Hindi literature. His poetry, particularly resonant during the Indira Gandhi Emergency, vividly captures the hardships faced by the common man. Dushyant’s verses serve as an inspiration for today's youth battling oppression, making him a symbol of resistance.


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During India's political turmoil, Dushyant Kumar Tyagi served as a cultural lighthouse. His poems effectively echoed both personal sadness and society concerns by fusing classic traditions with modern issues. In an era of political repression and uncertainty, his work gave voice to the voiceless and offered hope and togetherness.


Director -  Praveen K Chaturvedi
Enactment Producer - Ishwar Singh
Producer - Abhishek Singh
DOP- Atul Dubey
Writer - Saurabh Srivastava
Editor - Deshraj Singh
Production Co-ordination - Prathmesh Joshi 

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