For Your Motherland

Remember the atrocities done on your motherland. Make sure you don't repeat those mistakes.

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For thousands of years, Bharatvarsha was a torch bearer of civilizational ethos of humanity around the world. However, after multiple invasions- first by Islamic rulers and later by Europeans, India was colonized physically and mentally. Our Country was portrayed to be a mere 'Geographical Expression' which was invented in the 19th century. The atrocities done on Indians was whitewashed by the establishment systematically portraying the Victims as the oppressors and the Oppressors as the victims. By capturing the narrative, the Left tried to wipe out the Indic consciousness from the minds and hearts of Indians in every possible sphere- from Books to creative Art. But, now is the time we should say 'This far and no further'. Now is the time to remember the atrocities done on our motherland. Now is the time we call 'A spade, a spade'. Because, if we don't remember our history, we would repeat our history.


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