Swadeshi First: Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Anshul Saxena)

It is high time that a grass root movement starts where everyone, from a kid to an adult industrialist, all do their small bits in making India self dependent, and that is to understand and become, what it takes to be Aatmanirbhar!

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When Britishers ruled India, they made Indians dependent on them for technology and industrial development. It became a part of their giant mechanism by which they ruled India and looted its wealth. A Swadeshi movement was started in the 18th century by Indian nationalists like Dadabhai Naoroji, G. Gokhale, and others. In the later years, Gandhi took over this movement and promoted Khadi, a type of cloth, as a symbol of the campaign. This movement had a profound impact on the freedom struggle of India.
After independence, this idea of Swadeshi was sidelined by politicians then. India became heavily dependent on foreign goods and supplies. Therefore it affected the economy and growth of India. India struggled a lot during its early years of independence. Notable efforts were taken to make India independent and to support our homemade business products. And these efforts were successful to some extent.
Jaipur pottery artifacts are prevalent and are exported massively from India. The white revolution, which Operation Flood brought in 1970, was the world's most extensive dairy development program, becoming a landmark. India was developing at a speed of a turtle, but soon there was progress. In technology and rocket science, ISRO- India's space agency, made a massive impact on the world stage by launching a record-breaking 104 satellites in space. ISRO then launched Chandrayan 2- a lunar orbiter and lander. It also launched Mangalyan at a cost lesser than a Hollywood movie, which was possible due to the tremendous efforts of Indian scientists and India's industrial self-dependency. In defense, the Indian organization- DRDO made various defense systems efficiently, which made India self-dependent for its safety. DRDO made the Nirbhay Subsonic Cruise Missile, which can carry a nuclear weapon and has a range of 1500 Kms. Also, they made Nag, an anti-tank guided missile, a big booster to the Indian army. India became a force to be reckoned with when it became a nuclear power in 1998. In the automotive field, the Royal Enfield in Chennai is the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous operation, which is now exporting its top-quality motorcycles to many countries. In the field of medical science and Ayurveda, Patanjali is making progress at a rapid speed. Patanjali medicines and food park provides jobs to thousands of people and earns profits of over 500 crores. Most of these Patanjali products are made from raw materials which are available in India.
Thus, this non- dependency on any other country is making the Indian economy grow further. Prime minister Narendra Modi Ji launched the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat scheme', which positively helped India fight this pandemic. In such turbulent times, India stood first in helping the other nations with vaccines and medical supplies. Indian companies like Serum made the 'Covishield' Vaccine, Bharat Biotech made the 'Covaxin', which turned to be significant reliefs for the world.
We can see that India has the capability and ability of a developed and self-dependent country like other superpowers in the world. To achieve that, we must support our products and this idea of Swadeshi first. This will boost our economy, and in turn, it will help our growth and development


Swadeshi First' is an initiative of Anshul Saxena, where he is mobilizing local merchants, traders and small business owners and making their services/products accessible to large population of Indian consumers all over the country. It is high time that a grass root movement starts where everyone, from a kid to an adult industrialist, all do their small bits in making India self dependent!

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This video has been done in collaboration with Prachyam. The credit for ideation goes to Anshul.


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