Origins Of Khalistan

The story of origin of Khalistani in India.


Khalistan. An idea birthed by the British and advocated by the Anti India forces ever since. This idea of separating the Sikhs from India and Hindu has been getting support from the foreign powers for 100 years now. But it still can’t succeed in creating a rift between Hindus and Sikhs or India and Sikhs. This video is also for those core values of Sikhism which are deep-rooted in the Sanatan ethos and Bharat simply cannot fall prey to simplistic narratives.

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The true history of Sikhism is buried under manipulation.  Fabricating historical documents and whitewashing the British, the subverters sowed the seeds of the divide between Sanatani Hindus and Sikhs that still impact the land of Bharat today.


Team Prachyam

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